In the manufacture of KERAMEAL, an innovative and specific process is used, with the help of which bird feathers are transformed into a protein-rich product, easy to assimilate and o high quality. This product has hydrophobic properties and is an excellent feed additive for animals. KERAMEAL is light white in color and has a specific smell that improves palatability when included in animal feed.

The first researches for the development of this product were initiated back in 2016, within the a technological transfer project together with the Agrarian University of the Republic of Moldova and a group of researchers from the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova. For over 6 years, the company Terafix produces this protein concentrate for both the domestic and foreign markets.

KERAMEAL can be sold in 27 kg bags or in 450 kg big bags. The price and delivery methods are individually negotiable, depending on the quantity ordered and the type of preferred packaging.

Kerameal dog food process steps

Technology is based on the dry fermentation method,
with dehydration and simultaneous crushing by turbulence
according to the Ranque – Hilsch effect.

The feathers are processed with ferments and co-ferments that break down disulfide bonds and increase the availability of keratin protein. Another processing stage follows that uses the mechanical-physical activation of the molecule in order to change the essential qualitative characteristics of the finished product. 

Protein content

The protein content in the final product is higher than 84%.

Product digestibility

Digestibility is greater than 85%.

Nutritional value

Fermented fat content of less than 9%.

Mode of administration

It is administered from the first day of life.

Bacteriological infection

Bacteriological infection <25000 ut.

Exposure method

With prolonged action effect.

Product Moisture

The humidity of the product does not exceed 10%.

Shelf life

Shelf life in bags – more than 12 months.


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